Hydro Husnes returns back to full capacity after its closure in 2009

Hydro’s CEO Hilde Merete Aasheim, the mayor of Kvinnherad Municipality and representatives from Industri Energi and Norsk Industri were present at Hydro Husnes to mark that the aluminum plant in western Norway is now back in full operation for the first time in more than a decade. One of two production lines, the B line, was closed in 2009 as a result of the financial crisis. In 2017, Hydro decided to invest NOK 1.5 billion in both a solid upgrade and the restart of the B line.

Since then, work has been going on in the one-kilometer-long production hall and now the project has been completed: 200 electrolysis cells for aluminum production have been restarted. With technology elements from Hydro’s technology pilot at Karmøy, the plant is a world-class in terms of climate, environment and performance. About 195,000 tonnes of aluminum will now be produced here annually.

As part of celebrating that Hydro Husnes is finally back to full capacity, the aluminum plant and the urban furniture manufacturer Vestre have joined forces to donate new outdoor furniture to the Husnes community.

Vestre is one of Europe’s most successful urban furniture manufacturers and their products are located in places such as Times Square in New York, Piazze Aperte in Milan, Bergmannstraße in Berlin and King’s Cross in London. It is the Husnes furniture that has been selected to be a pilot for Blockchain technology.

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