Innovative steel turnover device has low-noise operation

Plate turnover devices are part of the equipment in heavy plate finishing lines. SMS Innovative X-Roll MultiFlex-Turnover Device is characterized by low-noise operation, surface-friendly handling of the plates and by the expansion of the operating area.

The new plate turnover device in X-Roll MultiFlex design combines proven and new functions to the maximum benefit of customers. In addition to low-noise operation, the focus is on surface-friendly handling of the plates and on the expansion of the operating area.

Investing in the new X-Roll MultiFlex-Turnover Device ensures safe handling of both, extremely thin as well as very thick plates and of a large product mix, with the option of being adapted to future requirements.

Plant owners often had to experience that existing conventional turnover devices reached their limits. But frequently, these limits are not fully apparent until it comes to modernizations, and in particular, if the scope of modernization is to include an expansion of the product mix.

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