Jubilee processing plant uses wide range of PGM feed and tailings

Jubilee Metals Group ’s PGM operations consist of the Inyoni and Windsor JV PGM operations. Historically, Jubilee’s Inyoni Operations were largely focussed on the processing of historical tailings stockpiled at the operations. The financial distress suffered by Hernic Ferrochrome, that ultimately resulted in the sale of its business in late 2019, highlighted the risk of the dependency of the PGM operation on such a single source feed stream, to creating a long-term sustainable operation.

The Company took the decision in Q4 2020 to significantly enhance the Inyoni operation to form a PGM processing facility that offered the flexibility to process a wide range of PGM feed and tailings materials under PGM Supply Agreements from a variety of clients. The Company set out to establish a uniquely positioned processing facility targeting the wider industry.

The capitalisation programme and commissioning of the new enhanced Inyoni facility has been completed totalling approximately US$ 21 million and offering a new feed blending and classification circuit and significantly expanded PGM recovery circuit, with the capability, based on its design, to process up to 75 000 tonnes per month of chrome and PGM rich material.

The project required intricate planning to commission the upgraded facility within an operational environment, while ensuring the safety of our people. Despite the disruptions to the operations during the expansion, the Company continues to target the production of 50 000 PGM ounces for the current financial period setting a solid foundation for achieving its 55 000 PGM ounces target on a sustainable basis.

Jubilee’s PGM operational footprint has been largely focused on the Western Limb of the Bushveld Complex, a single area of the two main PGM areas in South Africa. The Eastern Limb has been a key focus to expand its PGM reach and operational capacity. A number of the PGM Supply Agreements entered into give access to this area, offering a platform to Jubilee to pursue further growth opportunities.

Leon Coetzer, Chief Executive Officer, commented: “I am particularly pleased at the completion of the capitalisation and commissioning programme at our PGM operations which has transformed the operation from originally implemented to only process the historical tailings from the then Hernic Ferrochrome, to now been able to target the processing of a variety of PGM feed materials.

This follows our success in securing vast quantities of PGM tailing materials through long term offtakes in the Eastern Limb earlier this year, solidifying our presence in the region. It gives me confidence that we will secure further long-term feed supplies and operational presence driving our sustained earnings in South Africa.”

Jubilee Metals Group is a diversified metal recovery business with a world-class portfolio of projects in South Africa and Zambia.

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