Magnesia requires a new approach to sourcing and trading

In keeping with the theme of change, Cofermin introduced its new magnesia trading arm IMagine, calling for a new approach to magnesia sourcing and trading.

Launched in July 2021, IMagine handles a wide range of magnesia compounds globally and makes use of the Cofermin Group network active in 36 countries.

Changing times mean a changing market mindset. Attention needs to be paid to climate change and CO2 reduction; a shift towards renewable energy concepts; while sustainability is becoming a precondition.

While key tasks now include multiple source strategy, increased flexibility in product specification, and a focus on security of supply chains, these are supported with the traditional values of reliability, honesty, and availability of product.

An example of this new approach was highlighted with recent work conducted between IMagine and EcoMag of Western Australia, developing extraction of high purity magnesium from concentrated brines generated by sea salt production.

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