MFG enters refractory market supplying chromite and magnesia

Raw material producer and trader to the foundry and steel industry MFG, based in Meerbusch, Germany, has diversified into supplying chromite and refractory raw materials by launching a new subsidiary, MFG Materia GmbH based in its new location Lübeck, near Hamburg, Germany.

Bauba Resources’ Moeijelijk Chrome Mine in Limpopo province, South Africa, with which Pelagic Resources has an evergreen offtake agreement, will be the primary source of chromite for MFG Materia.

MFG Materia GmbH was founded in late June 2023 and is headed by Armin Zander, Managing Partner, together with MFG shareholders Thomas Hafner and Bernd Blondin.

This initiative will complement MFG’s trading product portfolio with chromite, alumina/magnesia-based materials and others for refractory and associated applications; this not only for the already familiar foundry market, but also pursuing the refractory market for the first time.

Zander is well-known for his expertise in the global refractory mineral supply community. He brings to MFG some 27 years of experience in sourcing and trading industrial minerals.

Armin Zander commented: “I am very happy to head this new and exciting branch of the business which I am sure will be of great benefit to all involved. The fact that Pelagic/Bauba awarded us their representation in the market is an enrichment.”

MFG – serving the metallurgical industry

Founded in 2004, MFG is a producer and trader which has had a traditional core focus on metals, pig iron, ferro alloys, aluminium alloys, cupola furnace briquettes, roller briquettes, secondary materials, and silicon carbide.

The company produces cupola furnace briquettes, which enable the controlled addition of alloying components in cupola and shaft furnaces during the melting process, such as ferrosilicon and silicon carbide.

MFG’s cupola furnace briquette production plants are located in Krefeld, Germany (operated by MFG Processing GmbH, founded in 2012), and in South Haven, Michigan (operated by USMFG Inc., founded in 2013).

MFG also trades a wide range of raw materials for the foundry, steel, and alloy sectors.

Clearly, these industries have a great synergy with the refractories industry, since refractories are imperative for successful steel and metallurgical manufacturing.

Thus MFG Materia GmbH, with its extensive market experience, will be able to facilitate MFG’s introduction to this new sector with additional refractory raw materials such as chromite and magnesia.

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