Mistop reduces acid mist in 19 metallurgical plants around the world.

The product developed by Desert King from the Quillay tree is a natural and effective alternative for the protection of workers and industrial equipment in the copper and zinc electro-winning process.

Mistop is the result of years of research and scientific development, carried out by a Chilean company located in the Valparaiso region, and is intended for the metals industry such as copper, nickel, vanadium, chrome and uranium. This revolutionary and innovative product is a successful suppressant of acid mist produced in hydrometallurgical processing that also improves the performance of mechanical barriers such as anti-mist spheres and forced ventilation systems.

This liquid, non-ionic, 100% biodegradable and ecologically friendly surfactant is obtained from the Quillay tree through a harvesting process that ensures the sustainable management of the native forest. Therefore, it is the best alternative to fluorochemicals, more economical and cleaner than fluorocarbon surfactants.

The electrowinning process in mining spreads acid droplets that can be harmful to workers. Mistop® reduces the surface tension of the electrolyte, which reduces the force with which the bubbles burst on the surface, minimizing the aerosols released. In certain cases, the product can also act as a mechanical barrier by forming a thin layer of foam over the electrolyte and the spaces between the anti-fogging spheres. In this way, the area of the electrolyte exposed to the atmosphere is reduced and this allows the bubbles to drain back into the liquid medium, thus reducing the formation of acid mist.

The reduction of this mist protects the people involved in the process. Additionally, it reduces the costs associated with the maintenance of equipment and the extension of its useful life, in addition to substantially improving the integrity of the structures, by reducing the corrosion caused by the acid atmosphere.

On the other hand, there is an important improvement in the operators’ working environment thanks to the reduction of PM 2.5, since the acid particles are within these diameters.


The implementation of Mistop requires the initial supervision of a professional to locate and resolve technical difficulties before using the product on an industrial scale.

Each plant has different operating parameters and equipment layouts. The implementation of MISTOP requires the initial supervision of a professional to locate and resolve technical difficulties before using the product on an industrial scale, in order to achieve the expected results, therefore, it is important to pass a technical training program by Desert King for the handling of the product.

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