New reheating furnace in operation at JSW

Danieli Centro Combustion India completed the scheduled start-up of the new, 220-tph walking-beam reheating furnace at wirerod mill #2 of JSW’s Toranagallu site in India.

The furnace heats up cold billets with excellent temperature uniformity thanks to tailor-made burners along with proprietary Proportional High Low – PHL technology in the combustion control system.

Electrical and automation controls were provided by Danieli Automation India. Furnace dry-out was performed before the startup of the rolling mill.

Most of the commissioning was executed using remote connection (communication and I/O tests). Very limited presence of Danieli experts for the last few days of hot commissioning was enough to complete tuning of the system and to achieve the first hot billet. Strong cooperation by JSW and Danieli teams contributed significantly to a timely project execution.

This 220-tph furnace is the third reheating furnace supplied by Danieli Centro Combustion operating at JSW and the second in Toranagallu. The 245-tph walking-beam furnace in operation at Dolvi since 2014, is the largest billet reheating furnace in operation in India.

To date, more than 205 reheating furnaces have been supplied by Danieli Centro Combustion worldwide.

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