NextGen pelletizing plant concept supports transition to green steel

Metso Outotec is launching NextGen Pelletizing, a visionary concept for the next generation of pelletizing plants that strive to be carbon-neutral and autonomous. This revolutionary concept is a part of the company’s offering focused on environmentally efficient technologies.

NextGen Pelletizing offers unmatched benefits

  • Further energy reduction of 5 to 10%
  • CO2 emission reduction of 80 to 90%
  • Production and availability increase of 10 to 15%
  • Improved product homogeneity and quality to support the transition of the steel industry

NextGen Pelletizing considers all relevant factors for energy efficiency, plant production, and pellet quality to enable a holistic optimization of the performance of the pelletizing process. It follows a modular approach to minimize the sources of CO2 from the three carbon-intensive steps involved in pelletizing and introduces further improved gas schemes, advanced combustion and burner technology (LowNOx, Hydrogen, and alternative fuels) as well as increased plant stability and performance through advanced process control.

Performance backed by a strong portfolio of online digital tools

As the original inventor of the pelletizing process, Metso Outotec’s NextGen Pelletizing also offers an exhaustive suite of digital solutions that help improve process performance, production capacity, and product quality as well as reduce energy consumption, environmental impact, and operation and maintenance costs.

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