PFERD Abrasives – Innovative Solutions for Process Optimisation

PFERD is an industry leader in the development, production, support and distribution of premium tool solutions for work on surfaces including cutting, grinding, milling, polishing, cleaning and finishing.

As a major player in the abrasive industry within South Africa and on the African continent, PFERD is committed to continuous research and development to improve the quality, safety and ergonomics of its high-performance abrasives.

“PFERD tools produce less noise, vibration and emissions while requiring less effort to get the job done. Our innovative tool solutions enable businesses to optimise their processes and improve overall operational efficiency”, explains Dennis Phillips, National Sales Manager at PFERD-South Africa.

PFERDEFFICIENCY strives to deliver increased productivity and improved economic efficiency. It refers to the fact that PFERD products save energy by getting the job done quicker and decrease processing time due to their higher stock removal rates while generating significantly less waste—ultimately utilising resources sustainably.

“We continually improve our manufacturing facility and processes to ensure efficient utilisation of resources to sustainably produce the highest quality tool solutions that our customers depend on.

In addition, being a founder member of the Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives (osa), PFERD is committed to producing premium quality products that offer the user maximum efficiency, safety and comfort,” explains Phillips.

PFERD-SA, established in 1968, has five sales and distribution offices across SA and services the entire sub-Saharan Africa region.

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