Remote monitoring of tank gas storage levels

Air Products’ Tank Monitoring System is a convenient, reliable way to remotely monitor storage tank levels. Not only does this system helps to manage industrial gas supply, but it also allows detection of abnormal gas usage and tracking of tank liquid and gas vaporizer temperature.

All data is conveniently stored and remotely accessible via a secure system. This SMART system features Air Products’ Process Intelligence – IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) driven approach to process optimization, applying decades of experience in gas supply, applications knowledge and safety.

Installation includes differential pressure and optional pressure transmitter at the tank, along with a battery powered Wireless Intelligent Node (WIN). The WIN takes tank readings at preset intervals (typically 1-2 min) and transmits the data wirelessly to an indoor receiver (gateway).

Each WIN can handle two tanks and there is no limit to the number of tanks that can be monitored at a facility.

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