Russian steelmaker tests new anti-corrosion coating

NLMK Group has begun testing zinc-aluminium-magnesium coating TsAM for cold-rolled products in cooperation with the Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The new coating, in comparison with zinc, makes rolled products three times more resistant to corrosion, and also protects the metal from cracking during machining due to its high ductility. ZAM-coated rolled steel was developed by NLMK Group R&D specialists at the company’s research centers in Belgium and Russia.

During the tests, samples of coated rolled products will be exposed to an increased content of sulfur dioxide in the air, corrosive effects of sea salt aerosol, high air humidity at low temperatures.

One of the areas of application of the new coating is the production of lightweight steel thin-walled structures. The structure of the coating minimizes the effect of oxygen and moisture on steel, which allows for better protection of building structures from corrosion.

In addition, ZAM-coated steel is used as a base in the production of polymer-coated rolled products, ensuring the durability of products from it up to 50 years.

The tests are carried out in accordance with Russian and international standards; the new product is planned to be launched on the market in 2022.

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