SASOL: Lake Charles Chemicals Complex status update

On 27 August 2020, Hurricane Laura made landfall near Sasol´s Lake Charles Chemicals Complex (LCCC), including Lake Charles Chemicals Project, in Southwest Louisiana. Sasol was making significant progress towards a restart of the LCCC facilities, which had to be suspended as a precautionary measure due to Hurricane Delta. Hurricane Delta made landfall on 9 October 2020.

Preliminary assessments indicated no further damage caused by Hurricane Delta, and Sasol reported that its employees have safely resumed their duties. The availability of sufficient industrial-level power from the local provider has resulted in the commencement of a coordinated startup of the complex. The impact of Hurricane Laura on the total net saleable tons of Sasol’s North American Operations was approximately 170 kilotons in quarter one of financial year 2021.

Seven chemical manufacturing units have returned to operation and all remaining units which were operating prior to Hurricane Laura are expected to return to operation by end October 2020. Commissioning activities of the Low Density Polyethylene unit have resumed, and beneficial operation is still trending towards end October 2020.

Sasol will continue to support its employees and the local community impacted by the hurricanes with relevant resources and assistance.

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