SASOL Statement: Sulphur emission enquiry Pretoria and Johannesburg region

Date: 16 February 2021

Sasol can confirm that recently our Secunda Operations in Mpumalanga have been stable with no operational incidents that have/could have resulted in an increase in sulphur emissions. High resolution analysers (on point sources), which monitor our emissions, report levels below the limits prescribed by our atmospheric emissions licenses under which we operate.

Sasol is committed to improving air quality in the areas within which we operate and has initiated an investigation to assist in identifying the area of origin of the sulphur odour experienced in the Highveld region. To this end, we are gathering and assessing data on atmospheric conditions in the region over the last few days. 

An initial review of data from the South African Weather Service’s ambient air quality monitoring stations, as well as those managed by Sasol, indicate no exceedance of sulphur ambient air quality standard limits as set by government.

Given that we operate with due care and regard to the impact we may have on surrounding communities and the environment, we have put structures in place to engage with the community and encourage the public to use these forums to discuss all environmental issues, including air quality. 

Sasol’s environmental management team in Secunda can be contacted should communities wish to raise any environmental related matter:

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