South32 manganese ore production increases, no FeMn produced

South Africa manganese saleable ore production increased by 5% (or 48kwmt) to 1,086kwmt in the December 2020 half year following an extended shut in response to market conditions in the prior period.

Production was 13% lower in the December 2020 quarter as the company completed a planned maintenance shut at its Mamatwan mine.

Sales increased by 13% during the December 2020 quarter as South32 continued to utilise higher cost trucking and South African rail logistics normalised following a ramp-up period after a nationwide COVID-19 lockdown in the June 2020 quarter.

While South32 continues to monitor market conditions and the attractiveness of higher cost trucking, FY21 production guidance remains unchanged at 2,000kwmt.

South32 did not produce any manganese alloy in the December 2020 half year as our Metalloys manganese alloy smelter remained on care and maintenance.

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