Steelmaking eco solutions – saving resources, creating value

Due to rising energy prices and stringent environmental regulations, energy efficiency, resource saving and climate protection are becoming more important than ever. Primetals Technologies ECO Solutions offers a wide range of services and technologies to increase energy efficiency, reduce the environmental impact of steel production and to ensure efficient water and by-product management.

Primetals Technologies ECO Solutions provides processes and solutions along the entire iron and steel production chains, which meet the strictest emission regulations and also help producers achieve substantial cost savings.

Further, in response to these ecological and economic challenges, Primetals Technologies offers energy-efficient solutions and services along the entire process chain, with a clear objective: saving resources, creating value.

The optimized consumption of energy and raw materials, the application of advanced technological processes and the maximum degree of recycling lead to major energy savings, reduced emissions, improved water and by-product management.


For every metric ton of steel produced, 10 to 25 kilograms of dust accumulate. There is no question that modern dedusting systems are crucial, but the cost and outlay of their operation should be no higher than absolutely necessary. The most important goals are high reliability, strict compliance with prescribed threshold values and reasonable energy consumption.

Primetals Technologies ECO Solutions offers the entire spectrum of dedusting technology from a single source, always in close collaboration with your company‘s steel production plant specialists. This is our approach for creating perfectly coordinated, economically viable solutions.


Achieve higher output with less input. With energy–efficient equipment, the production of steam can be used for district heating and the recovery of combustible gas for producing electricity. Move up to a higher energy level – with support from Primetals Technologies!

The key to the future is producing more with less. As one of the world’s leading life-cycle partners for the metallurgical industry, Primetals Technologies ECO Solutions supports producers with solutions that reduce the energy-related costs to a minimum.


Saving resources by appropriate waste management is an efficient way to optimize production. Through our by-product recycling solutions, profitable by-products take the place of waste.

The generation, the handling and the disposal of waste materials such as dust, fines and mill scale presents a general problem in the steel industry. Furthermore governments around the world are setting ambitious targets for reduction of carbon emissions from industrial installations such as the steel industry.

Primetals Technologies ECO Solutions offers comprehensive solutions for the recycling of waste materials for the iron and steel industry. Waste from direct reduction plants, blast furnaces, BOF converters, electric arc furnaces and rolling mills is treated to profitable by-products. The by-products can be utilized e.g. in the primary processes without loss of efficiency.

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