Tangshan orders two wet electrostatic precipitators for gas cleaning

Hebei China based Tangshan Ganglu Iron & Steel Co Ltd has commissioned SMS group to supply two wet electrostatic precipitators for two BOF converters. The wet electrostatic precipitators, WESP, supplement the gas cleaning plants of the 180 tonne BOF converters.

Each of the BOF converters has a gas volume of approximately 216,000 cubic meters per hour. The scope of supply of SMS group as engineering, procurement and construction contractor comprises two wet electrostatic precipitators, the adaptation of the water supply and treatment system, erection & installation and technical support during the commissioning process. Commissioning is scheduled for summer 2021.

Wet electrostatic precipitators separate solid particles from the process gas. For this purpose, spray electrodes fed with rectified negative high voltage emit electrons. These electrons move to the collecting electrodes and, on their way, collide with gas molecules and dust particles.

Due to the resulting attachment of the electrons to the dust particles, the particles are negatively charged and transported by the existing electric field to the grounded collecting electrodes to which they adhere. The collecting electrodes are cleaned with water. The wet electrostatic precipitators enable compliance with the most stringent environmental protection requirements

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