Top 10 gold producing countries in 2021

World’s total gold mine production in 2021 amounted to ~3,000 tonnes and was marginally ~1% lower than in 2020 (3,030 tonnes). China was the largest gold mining country in 2021.

Based on the preliminary data released by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), global output of gold in 2021 was ~3,000 metric tonnes, or ~1% less than in 2020 (3,030 tonnes).

USGS said that in 2021, decreased gold mine production in Papua New Guinea, Russia, and the United States more than offset production increases in China, Ghana, Indonesia, South Africa, and Tanzania.

China produced ~370 tonnes of gold in 2021, which is slightly more than in 2020 (365 tonnes), and was the largest gold producing country.

Australia was the second largest gold producing country (330 tonnes), followed by Russia (300 tonnes) and the United States (180 tonnes). Canada sits fifth with 170 tonnes of gold produced in 2021.

Largest gold producing countries, 2021* vs. 2020, tonnes. 2021* preliminary estimates. Source: USGS.

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