Upgraded pilot testwork facility for hydrogen use in smelting applications

Metso has modernized its Ausmelt® TSL smelting pilot testwork facility in Melbourne, Australia, to enable testing of gaseous hydrogen as both a fuel and chemical reductant in pyrometallurgical processes. Regulatory approvals enabling the use of gaseous hydrogen at Metso’s testwork facility were received in November 2023.

“The use of green hydrogen is one means by which the smelting industry is pursuing to decarbonize metal production. Therefore, we are very excited about the new opportunities our pilot testwork facility offers to support our customers. We can now perform smelting trials utilizing fossil fuel substitutes, including gaseous hydrogen (including co-firing with natural gas), biochar or consumer waste streams such as Tyre Derived Fuel (TDF). Several potential clients have already expressed interest in exploring the applicability of hydrogen as a fuel and/or a chemical reductant to decrease the carbon footprint of their respective metallurgical processes,” says Jacob Wood, Technology Manager, TSL Smelting at Metso.

In Metso’s Ausmelt® TSL pilot testwork facility, the behaviour and efficiency of gaseous hydrogen as both a fuel and reductant can be examined across a wide range of processing conditions. Testwork conducted in the plant will also play a crucial role in furthering knowledge relating to the safe storage, distribution and combustion of hydrogen in direct-fire applications.

About Metso Ausmelt® TSL

Backed by decades of experience, continuous technology development and more than 60 installations worldwide, the Metso Ausmelt® TSL process provides an integrated solution for treating a wide range of feed materials. It delivers a high-intensity and versatile smelting process with high production capacity and a small plant footprint.

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