US senators introduce steel emissions reduction act

US Representatives Anthony Gonzalez (OH) and Conor Lamb (PA) introduced last week the Steel Upgrading Partnerships and Emissions Reduction Act of 2021 (SUPER Act), bipartisan legislation that would support the development of clean steel breakthrough technologies, protect and grow good-paying jobs, and ensure the United States remains a global leader in steel production.

Gonzalez said “Steel is the backbone of Northeast Ohio manufacturing and critical to the success of our local economy. As the industry shifts towards emission-free production, it’s imperative the US take the lead on developing breakthrough technologies in order to stay competitive, create more high-paying jobs, and continue growing our economy.”

Lamb said “America has the best steelmakers and the most innovative scientists, and we need both to develop the industry of the future. Manufacturing low-carbon steel is a critical piece of the puzzle to create American jobs and fight climate change. This bill is another bipartisan step, building on the success of the Energy Act of 2020, toward those goals.”

American Iron and Steel Institute President and Chief Executive Officer Kevin M Dempsey said “The focus of the SUPER Act is the Department of Energy’s coordination of research and development efforts related to future breakthrough technologies that will facilitate further reductions in emissions by steel producers in the United States. AISI supports these goals. Focusing Federal efforts on research and development into breakthrough technologies, rather than funding investments into existing technologies that are already deployed by the private sector, is an important and appropriate role for government.”

Looking forward, consumers, investors, and policymakers will face increasing pressure to meet carbon reduction goals. Reducing carbon emissions will therefore become a critical component of maintaining international competitiveness and ensuring American jobs are protected.

The SUPER Act would stimulate and focus more research and development on breakthrough technologies that will reduce the carbon footprint in steel production.

These efforts would include applied research on innovative production methods, public-private partnerships to scale-up and commercialize breakthrough low emission technologies, and new tools for quantifying the benefits of advanced steel technologies.

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