Burners for heat treatment furnaces using up to 100% hydrogen

Burners are the key components of reheating furnaces.  Tenova announced the accomplishment of a key milestone towards a more sustainable combustion process: the development of the first burners for heat treatment furnaces using up to 100% hydrogen while keeping NOx emissions largely below the strictest limits.

After the recent launch of the multi-megawatt TSX SmartBurner family for reheating furnaces fueled with a mixture of natural gas and hydrogen, up to 100%, the company is now ready to bring onto the market a self-recuperative burner for heat treatment furnaces.

The new 200-kilowatt TRKSX, Tenova Self-ReKuperative Flameless, SmartBurner was successfully tested with a variable fuel mixture of natural gas and hydrogen to potentially eliminate CO2 emissions during the combustion process.

The system works in flame and flameless mode with the aim to keep nitrogen dioxide emissions well below the strictest future limits.

The TRKSX SmartBurner i designed in consideration of the decarbonization goals of the steel industry, and will be first installed in a heat treatment furnace for pipes at the productive site of Tenaris in Dalmine in Italy.

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