Vale produces million tons of iron ore per day

Vale, in its Production & Sales Report for July-September Quarter 2020 says iron ore fines production totalled 88.7 Mt, an increase of 21.1 Mt compared to the previous quarter. The production record of 56.9 Mt in a quarter was reached in the Northern System, with August as the best month with 19.7 Mt.

S11D had a record production in September, with 8.3Mt, and in the quarter, with 24.4 Mt. The Southern and Southeastern Systems overall performance improved across operating units, notably in the Itabira Complex and Timbopeba mine (running for a full quarter given the resumption in June) and with the resumption of operations at Fazendão mine in July.

Iron ore production was maintained at around 1 Mtpd after mid-July, showing consistency and stability throughout almost the entire quarter. Operations have achieved increased rates and stability with safety, based on the progressive implementation of the VPS and measures like the Safe Work Permission, which are essential to transform Vale’s culture into one driven to safety and operational excellence. All operations were also favored by regular weather conditions for the period.
Vale’s pellet production totalled 8.6 Mt in 3Q20, up 21.1%, mainly due to higher availability of pellet feed, especially from the Itabira Complex, and improved operational performance at the pelletizing plants.

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