Vedanta to produce 5 million tonnes aluminium in 5-6 years

According to officials from the metal group Vedanta Ltd, India’s annual aluminum production could reach 5 million tonnes in 5-6 years, an increase of about 25% from current levels.

“Today’s 4 million tonnes of metal production could increase to 5 million tonnes in about five to six years,” Vedanta said, based on a project the company is currently working on in India.

“If new market participants enter, perhaps 5 million tonnes could increase to about 5.5 million to 6 million tonnes of aluminum production,” he added in a panel discussion at the AZ China Virtual Aluminum Conference.

According to Fitch Solutions, India is pushing for construction projects to solve infrastructure shortages, which will make it a “significant growth market” for aluminum consumption in the coming years. This year.

According to Mukherjee, the expansion of Vedanta’s Lanjigarh alumina smelter in eastern Orissa and its launch elsewhere will give India enough raw materials to supply the domestic aluminum smelting industry. can do.

Vedanta is increasing Lanjigarh’s annual production capacity from 2 million tonnes to 5 million tonnes at a cost of approximately 46.81 billion rupees ($ 630 million).

Mukherjee said the increase in production is expected to be achieved in 12-18 months, reducing Vedanta’s reliance on alumina imports.

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