Air Products to import green ammonia for production green hydrogen

In the UK, at the Port of Immingham, Associated British Ports is partnering with gas and chemical supplier Air Products to import green ammonia from production locations around the world. This will be used to produce green hydrogen, stimulating demand and supporting the development of a local and national green hydrogen market.  

The creation of North-West Europe’s first green ammonia hub, by refurbishing and expanding an existing energy storage facility at Vlissingen in the Netherlands, is being evaluated by Uniper, the German energy company, and Vesta Terminals. The site is well located for the supply of green ammonia by seagoing vessels, and in a second phase it could be connected to the Dutch hydrogen pipeline network. 

Uniper is looking to develop several access points for green energy into Europe.  At the German Port of Wilhelmshaven, it is also planning an import terminal for green ammonia which will be equipped with an ammonia cracker for reconversion of the ammonia to green hydrogen and nitrogen. The terminal will be connected to the hydrogen network and would be capable of supplying around 295,000 metric tons of hydrogen, or 10 per cent of the demand expected for the whole of Germany, in 2030. 

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