Evander Gold Mines builds 10MW solar renewable energy plant

Pan African Resources’ focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives has intensified over the past years, with good progress on all fronts in pursuit of a ‘beyond compliance’ ESG approach, through collaboration and partnerships with specialists in community, conservation and sustainability initiatives.

At Evander Mines, the construction of the 9.975MW solar photovoltaic renewable energy plant is advancing on schedule for commissioning by November 2021. A feasibility study on an extension of this facility to an estimated capacity of 26MW has also commenced, where the additional 16MW will be utilised by Evander Mines’ underground operations.

A feasibility study for a 10MW solar photovoltaic renewable energy plant at Barberton Mines is also being conducted. These renewable energy initiatives will contribute to meaningful reductions in greenhouse gas emissions for the Group. At Evander Mines, a bankable feasibility study on a reverse osmosis water retreatment plant that will produce potable water for daily consumption from recycled underground mine water was completed, with substantial anticipated cost savings and a positive environmental impact. Pan African Resources expect to complete the construction of this plant within the next financial year.

Progress at the Blueberries project in Barberton has received widespread attention from the media and from other stakeholders. Approximately 96,000 plants have been delivered to site as part of phase 1, from which first production is expected by June 2022.

Social benefits of this project in the surrounding communities are already evident with the creation of employment and increased trading opportunities for local small businesses. Also in Barberton, we have partnered with the Barberton Nature Reserve and conservation agencies to protect and preserve the biodiversity and natural resources of the region, including funding the care of orphaned rhinos.

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