Ghana to impose duties on aluminium from China

Ghana International Trade Commission has ruled that aluminium coils and circles from China are being dumped onto the Ghanaian domestic market, causing material injury and a threat of material injury to Ghanaian industry.

The commission determined a dumping margin of 35.77 per cent for the subject product. As a result, the commission decided that the following definitive anti-dumping duties should be imposed on aluminium coils and circles originating in or imported from China: HS Codes 7606.91.10.00 aluminium plates, sheets, strip, of a thickness exceeding 0.2 mm.
Material injury to the domestic producer was found to be in the form of the declines experienced by Aluworks, a sole producer of aluminium in Ghana, with respect to its sales volumes, market share, return on investment, productivity, incoming cash flow, growth and utilization of product capacity.

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