Li-Metal to commercialise of its anode production technology

TORONTO, ON Li-Metal Corp., a leading developer of lithium metal anode and lithium metal technologies critical for next-generation batteries, has provided an update and outlined its strategy for commercialization by 2025.

As electrification continues to gain momentum, the adoption of next-generation batteries will accelerate as electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers seek high-performance batteries to power more cost-effective, longer range and safer EVs.

The need for high-quality anodes will surge as demand for lithium-ion batteries is expected to exceed 2,000GWh per year, according to BloombergNEF and total annual electric vehicle production is expected to reach 25 million vehicles per year, according to LMC Automotive Ltd.

Additionally, major global EV manufacturers including BMW, GM and Volkswagen are expected to advance next-generation batteries to product qualification for future electric vehicles in coming years. To meet rapidly growing demand and the need for superior lithium anode material, Li-Metal expects to reach commercial scale by 2025.

“There is tremendous whitespace opportunity for mid-steam suppliers building the foundation for the next-generation battery supply chain,” said Li-Metal’s co-founder and CEO, Maciej Jastrzebski. “Li-Metal plans to become the preeminent lithium metal and lithium metal anode supplier and we are confident in our ability to get to commercial production quickly as we address an emerging and pressing underlying trend in global electrification.”

Commercialization Strategy – Entrench then Grow

As Li-Metal develops and scales its technologies to address the industry’s transition from conventional lithium-ion batteries to next-generation batteries, the Company aims to implement a three-stage strategy in order to achieve full commercial scale:

  • Feed the Developers – Li-Metal provides high-quality sample anodes to battery developers and is expanding its pilot production and development facilities for incorporation into EV qualification trials.
  • Be the Reliable Local Supplier – Li-Metal plans to produce lithium metal to secure a domestic supply in North America and to sell excess material into several markets including pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, alloys, and batteries.
  • Proliferate the Technology – Li-Metal plans to supply anode material and license its production technology to battery cell and EV manufacturers, and supply lithium metal consumables to operators, while continuing to provide advanced anode materials to battery developers.

The Company’s Markham facility will be home to Li-Metal’s lithium metal pilot facility and advanced anode materials lab. In addition, the Company plans to install a pilot roll-to-roll anode facility in Rochester, New York, to supply qualification samples to the market and to advance the development of its anode production technology, which is expected to come online in early 2022.

Production of lithium metal is expected from the Markham pilot plant starting in 2022. It is expected that this will be followed by the roll-out of commercial-scale production in 2023-2025. Development of commercial-scale anode production equipment is on-going, and initial commercial-scale anode production capacity is expected to come online in 2023.

Currently Li-Metal provides sample lithium metal anode material to customers for testing, as they advance the development of their next-generation batteries. In total, 1,015 metres of sample anode material have been delivered to nine customers in 2021.

Li-Metal is a Canadian-based company developing lithium metal anodes and lithium metal production technologies for use in next generation batteries. The company claims its production methods are significantly more sustainable than existing products and offer lighter, more energy dense and safer batteries that are critical to tomorrow’s electric vehicles.

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