Modular polishing filter for filtration of battery chemicals

Metso Outotec is introducing a new modular filter to its Dual Media (DM) filter product family. The compact DM1000 polishing filter is particularly suitable for removing and recovering organic compounds and solids in small stream feeds in battery chemicals processes. Thanks to its modular design, the filter is easy to expand also for larger process flows.

The DM1000 can be used as a traditional electrolyte filter in the extraction processes as well as for feed flow purification before crystallization in the metal crystallization processes.


  • Low energy consumption, thanks to low pumping pressure
  • Reduced water consumption, thanks to back wash with filtrated process liquid
  • Efficient recovery of organic compounds back to process
  • Easy expandability with the compact, fully modular design featuring 1-4 filters in a row
  • Easy transport, as filters can be packed and transported in standard sea containers
  • Quick and safe site installation as the filter comes ready assembled on a mounting skid

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