Saarloha to produce the largest round blooms in India

Saarloha Advanced Materials Pvt. Ltd. (Saarloha), a Kalyani Group company, has awarded an order to SMS group for a continuous casting plant to produce India’s largest round blooms at its facility in Pune, Maharashtra.
Designed for section sizes of 160 x 160 to 340 x 400 millimeters and with a round diameter of 500 millimeters, SMS will supply the complete plant technology for the continuous caster with largest round profile in India. The start of production is planned for July 2024.
The caster will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology for enhanced cast product quality in a variety of special steels. These include CONGAUGE, the patented mold level control system that also measures and controls the mold powder thickness along with the liquid steel level, CONDRIVE (mold oscillator drive) with servo drive for improved surface quality, as well as the mold and electromagnetic stirrers for enhanced internal quality and porosity. The caster will come with a mechanical soft and hard reduction system for improved segregation and center porosity. For re-stranding, a rigid dummy bar system will be provided, which enables fully automatic dummy bar insertion, and a traversing dummy bar unit. The system is designed for high productivity and low maintenance while at the same time facilitating precise alignment of the strand. For optimal process control and tracking, SMS plans to supply its Level 2 automation solution.
The new continuous caster will be built next to the existing caster without affecting ongoing operations. The current scale pit will also be used by the new caster. Working together with the Saarloha team, the SMS team has designed the most compact layout to fit inside the available space.
Saarloha Advanced Materials Private Limited (Saarloha) is a Kalyani Group Company and produces high-quality carbon and alloy steels, tool and die steels, valve steels, stainless steels, micro alloyed steels, as well as ESR (electroslag remelting) and VAR (vacuum arc remelting) route steel. Saarloha is one of the most preferred specialty steel companies for developing customized steel grades that satisfy all customer requirements.

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