World’s First Pilot Low Emission Pelletizing Project

The Low Pelletizing Low-Pollutant Emission Technology Pilot Project has been launched by HBIS in China. The so-called Embedded SNCR + Stages Oxidatived Denitrification + SDA Coordinated Absobtion + Pre-charged Dust Bag Reduction project is now in operation. The independent test results show that pellet plant particle, SO2, Nitrogen Oxide emission readings are <5mg/Nm3, 20mg/Nm3, 30mg/Nm3, well below the Chinese national standard. 

Together with Institute of process engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sinosteel Tiancheng Environmental Protection Science & Technology and North China Electric Power University, HBIS successfully developed the project, from laboratory to experiments to pilot project in three years.

The contractors, Guangdong Kejie Environmental Protection Engineering and HBIS Tangsteel International, successfully completed the construction of the 2million tons a year Pelletizing Pilot plant. 

After comissioning, test running, the project has been in stable operation since April 25th. It SO2 and NOx emissions have met the ultra low emission standard. The project has an energy cost of 4Yuan/ton, 150% to 200% lower than current technologies widely applied by the Chinese steel industry.

Currently, China is implementing the lowest emission standard worldwide with a NOx emission level of below 50mg/m3 and the HBIS standard is 30mg/m3 and significantly lower than national standard.

HBIS has already developed pelletizing equipment of mid/high Si & Mg pellets and high ratio pellet smelting and dust reduction technology. Sintering, pelletizing, coking, BF and alloy environmental protection procedures are well coordinated.

For the first time, 80% pellets of industrial production of BF is achieved with a fuel ratio 11kg/t lower and SO2, Nitrogen Oxide generation 74.3%, 53.2% lower, leading in the world and green carbon iron making technologies. 

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