Eskom continues its disaster mission of ‘jobs shedding and capital drain’

​Due to further shortage of generation capacity, Eskom says it “regrets” to announce that Stage 4 which started from 12:00 on Wednesday and will last until 05:00 on Friday. Thereafter Stage 2 loadshedding will be implemented until 05:00 on Saturday.

Over the past 24 hours a unit each at Medupi, Kusile and Matla power stations tripped while a unit each at Lethabo and Arnot power stations were forced to shut down.  This constrained the power system further requiring extensive use of emergency reserves and therefore, hampering the recovery of these reserves. 

Some generating units have returned to service and Eskom anticipates another two units to return to service during the day.  In addition, Koeberg Unit 1 is expected to return to service and begin ramping up to full output within 48 hours.

Total breakdowns currently amount to 14 957 MW while planned maintenance is 5 301 MW of capacity.

Eskom management, marked by gross mismanagement, corruption and the ANC’s cadre looting (state capture), reminds its customers that loadshedding is implemented as “a last resort to maintain the stability of the power system” regardless of the stage of loadshedding.  The implementation of Stage 4 loadshedding is therefore, no cause for alarm as the power system remains to be effectively controlled (not sure about that).

Eskom requests the public to reduce the usage of electricity in order to help it through the constraints.

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